RIFF G.D.P. x S.K. 510 Cartridge 0.5g

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A RIFF on the classics has arrived, Grand Daddy Purps x Sour Kush. RIFF brought these two indica heavy-hitters together to create a new iconic duo. Grand Daddy Purps x Sour Kush features a pungent explosion of berry, grape and earthiness that punches in around 76% THC.

RIFF’s unique extraction process preserves cannabis terpenes and reintroduces them back into the THC extract. This process allows users to experience and enjoy the natural flavours of cannabis. RIFF 510 Cartridges contain no additives and are filled with 90% cannabis distillate and 10% cannabis derived terpenes for the truest representation of the cannabis plant.

Elevate your vape with 100% cannabis and 100% cannabis terps.

73.0 - 80.5 %

0.0 - 1.0 %